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Release Date: 20 June 2019
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Bevano Est

Album Review

The BEVANO river is one of the few rivers that rises at the foot of the hills in Romagna (an area in the north-east of Italy); it receives water from many small streams and small rivers and it flows into the sea in an uncontaminated stretch of coastline.

BEVANO EST is a service station on a motor-way in Romagna: that place represents the idea of ‘nowhere’, a dream place where all sorts of human knowledge meet together.

BEVANO EST is a musical project whose heart has been beating since 1991; the band, playing acoustic and traditional instruments, offers a mix of sonority, rhythm and tune catalyzed by the simple desire to communicate an original and recognizable way to express itself, a way that crosses the customs of many countries.
The four musicians don’t need to give voice to a sound belonging to a style, but they proudly want to make known a self-conscious, curious and pleasant individuality.
Their music is played by their souls and by their bodies, it’s played with sweetness and anger, with joy and melancholy.
Their music is merely…