Bevano Est – Mannheim – Germany
Mannheim - Germany
Laboratorio 17, JubngbuschstraBe 17

BEVANO EST e’ un’area di servizio sull’autostrada, rappresenta l’idea del “non luogo”, un posto quasi fuori dalla realtà, dove s’incontrano e si sfiorano materiali umani di ogni genere.

Bevano Est è un progetto musicale che pulsa dal 1991 e attraverso l’uso di strumenti acustici e della tradizione, propone un mischio di sonorità, ritmi e melodie, catalizzate dal semplice desiderio di comunicare un modo originale e riconoscibile che traversa le consuetudini. Non c’è necessità di un’appartenenza stilistica ma l’orgoglio di affermare un’individualità consapevole, curiosa ed accogliente.

La loro musica e’ suonata con l’anima e con il corpo, con la dolcezza e con la rabbia, con la gioia e la malinconia.

La loro musica è semplicemente ….musica


BEVANO EST is the name of a service area between Forli and Cesena on the Italian A14 motorway. It represents the idea of the “non-place”, a place almost outside reality, where you find yourself suspended more or less “between… and inbetween…” and where human material of every sort and culture meet and brush up against each other.

Bevano Est formed in 1991 as a popular music study project. They immediately turned their attention toward a wide and diverse cross-section of traditional music without preoccupying themselves with problems of philological and area-specific re-propositions, therefore giving birth to a method of working which dares melodic and rhythmic approaches in a fusion of genres, in turn creating an original and recognizable style.

Their music is played with the spirit and the body, with sweetness and anger, joy and melancholy. Bevano Est have the capacity to stretch the hand to the public and transport them through the many colourful rooms of their snug sonorous homes. They have written and performed stage scores for various theatrical companies. They have composed and performed soundtracks for films and documentaries, including Giuseppe Bertolucci’s “Il dolce rumore della vita” and “Segni Particolari”. Extracts of their music were used in the soundtrack of Ermanno Olmi’s film “Cento chiodi”. They have participated in numerous television and radio transmissions. They frequently perform concerts in Italy and abroad. They are also the founding members of a cultural association “A14” with which they carry out workshops, promotion and production of artistic-musical projects.