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Release Date: 20 June 2019
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Bevano Est
Music from a DVD of live concert with orchestra for 20th anniversary
The music of Bevano Est is a fine blend of new and old, heritage and modern creation, features taken from the rural tradition mixed with jazz, Yiddish tunes and Mediterranean flavours. Their music involves and attracts the soul. When one listens to this music, one cannot but find it familiar; though if you’re lucky enough to see Bevano Est in a live session, you will feel encouraged to discover diversity. There is something in the alchemy of their music which awakens warm human feelings, both personal and common, and urges the body to move and get involved. Their music is also tinted with romantic nuances, though these are often followed by a sarcastic grin.
Here one finds again what was thought to be lost and gone forever through the mutilation of the modern self.
Marina Beelke


BEVANO EST originated in 1990 from a workshop set up to analyse a vast repertory of ethnic music from a structural, rhythmic and melodic point of view. After meeting Hector Ulisses Passarella, the band developed an interest in Tango and improved its search into harmony, performance and musical expression. They scored among the 12 finalists of the 1992 edition of Arezzo Wave and took part in two consecutive editions of Folkest in Friuli. In 1993 their first CD Gradisca was released, played by eight musicians; in 1994 Bevano Est were among the group of folk artists (Peppe Barra, Baraban, Ciapa Rusa, Tesi-Vaillant, Elena Ledda & Sonos, etc.) who recorded a tribute to Fabrizio De André – Canti Randagi – using different dialects and traditional musical instruments to perform a passionate interpretation of some of the most significant songs by the late Genoa songwriter.
The band also wrote, arranged and played live music for theatre performances – such as “Il tempo delle fiabe” and “Il ritorno del fulesta” – staged by the Cervia (RA) based Diotti-Strinati (Arrivano dal mare) company.
1995: the co-operation with the Teatro Valdoca company for a play called “Fuoco Centrale” resulted in the release of a CD by the same title including live music from the theatre show.
1998: Release of “Corone”, a CD consisting entirely of original tracks, and “Ludla”, a collection of traditional tunes. The band held numerous live concerts in Italy and abroad and performed in the first edition of the “Un ponte due culture” Festival in Buenos Aires, where they played again twice more.
Bevano Est was invited to take part in the “Carneval of Cultures” in Berlin and played through a long summer tour at the 7th edition of the Portuguese-Italian “Sete Sóis, Sete Luas” Festival held in Portugal, Madeira and Cabo Verde.
They wrote and recorded the original soundtrack for Giuseppe Bertolucci’s “Il dolce rumore della vita”, which had a nomination at the Venice Film Festival.
They set up the “A 14” cultural society which is involved in teaching activities and in producing and promoting music and art.


Gradisca – 1993 Ribium Record-Scuola di Musica Popolare (CD by Bevano Est)
Fuoco Centrale – 1995 Teatro Valdoca (soundtrack)
Corone – 1998 Scuola di Musica Popolare/Musica in campo (CD by Bevano Est)
Ludla- 1998 Scuola di Musica Popolare (CD by Bevano Est)
Il dolce rumore della Vita – 1999 CAM (soundtrack)
Ramingo- 2004 A14 (CD by Bevano Est)
Live-2010 (CD by Bevano Est)
Eventone – 2011 A14 (CD by Bevano Est)